Staten Island Tutor

Are you Looking for a Staten Island Tutor?

The Staten Island Tutor (Regan Goldring):
Regan Goldring has worked for the NYC DOE for 10 years and has a dual Masters in both General and Special Education.

She is an appointed Elementary Educator for the NYC DOE. Plus has experience working with both General Education and Special Education students with various disabilities and ages.

Regan Goldring also have experience for both after school and private tutoring for students who need Standardized and State Test Prep help and/or homework help.

Regan Goldring has also teach level 1 American Sign Language, and have taught for both a private American Sign Language Institution for 7 years and taught it at a high school level as a permanent sub for a year.

She is an NYC certified teacher! plus she is open to tutor all types of children with all types of learning styles reach their goals for an easier more rewarding school year.

by Johnathan Mark Smith

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